Q: When will I hear whether or not I will be asked to interview?

A: We will evaluate your information, and if you are selected as a candidate for interview, more information will be sent to you, including an application. Please do not call the Recruitment Office to check on the status of your Profile Form.
Our staff simply cannot handle the volume of calls.

Q: How do you define "Pilot In Command"?

A: PIC (Pilot in Command) is defined as Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply sole manipulator of controls. You must be the one who signed for the aircraft.

Q: What do you mean by military jet "transport"?

A: Some examples of military jets in the transport category are C-141, C-9, C-5, C-17.

Q: What do you mean by military jet "tactical"?

A: Some examples of military jets in the tactical category are F-18, F-15, F-16, S-3, and other single pilot jets including training aircraft.

Q: Why do you require a street address rather than a P.O. box?

A: If you are selected for an interview, we will ship the information to you via FedEx Overnight Letter, and FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

Q: Why do you need my e-mail address?

A: If we cannot contact you via phone, we need to have an alternate means of contacting you.

Q: Can I use a conversion factor when determining flight time accumulated in the military?

A: We will calculate your conversion factor for you. (*NOTICE* -  In order to better support varying methods of military sortie conversion factors, we ask that  you indicate aircraft where military sorties were flown.  For each aircraft containing sortie flight hours, any conversion factor previously applied needs to be replaced with actual flight hours and the 'sortie' check-box needs to be checked.  Once checked, you will be able to enter the number of sortie flights for subsequent conversion.)


Q: What is my username for updating my profile?

A: Your username is your email address.

Q: Must I have a RTOP (Radio Telephone Operators Permit) to apply?

A: Not required at the time of application but must be presented if selected for the interview process.

Q: What is my password for updating my profile?

A: Your password is the same password you used when filling out the profile form the first time.

Q: How often can I update my profile?

A:  You can update as often as you want but at least once every six months to remain active.