Account Access Recovery

Use this page to reset your password if you have an active profile.  Please do not attempt to reset your password if your profile has not been activated or has been de-provisioned. Please read the following.

  1. Profiles that have been updated since November 2008 must be activated in order to be accessed. Profile activation can only be performed from an activation email titled “Pilot Credentials Profile Activation”.
  2. Those who have updated their profile since November 2008 should receive an activation email during the month of January, 2011.  If you do not receive and activation email by the end of January, 2011, please contact us at
  3. All Profiles that have not been updated since November 2008 have been de-provisioned and are not eligible for activation. Please press "Sign up!" on the Home Page to create a new profile.
  4. Pilot Credentials now uses the email address as the login ID instead of a chosen username.
  5. If you have updated your profile since November 2008 but no longer have access to the email address in your profile or you do not receive an activation email on or before January 16th, please contact us at  Be sure to include your full name, permanent address, previous email address, contact phone number, and current email address.



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